The Nutberry Wind farm is located near Nutberry Hill, west of Coalburn in South Executive, South Lanarkshire. The wind farm has 6 turbines with an electricity generating capacity of 15MW. Construction work commenced in 2012 and commercial operations started in September 2013.
Nutberry Wind Energy is a joint venture between RDC Scotland Limited and Falck Renewables.
The site lies to the west of Coalburn, midway between Muirkirk and Lesmahagow in South Lanarkshire, adjacent to the border with East Ayrshire. It is mostly within an area of privately owned commercial forestry. There are two areas of open ground, one around Nutberry Hill and one in the east of the site at Black Hill. Other than isolated properties, the nearest settlements to the site are Colburn (6 km to the east-northwest) and Douglas (6 km to the southeast).