Blackwood takes its name from Blackwood Estate, owned since the 13th century by the de Vere family (hence the name Vere Road). The mansion house stood at the top of the estate driveway and was demolished in the 1930s. Robert Burns’ sister was married to the estate factor there. The village developed as a result of the railway being built in the second half of the 19th century.

Kirkmuirhill is the older of the two villages by far and is first noted in the records in the year 1666. It was latterly closely connected to the local mining industry, but probably developed originally as a staging post on the old Glasgow to Carlisle road, at the cross roads with the road from Lanark to the west.

Thornton Road Community Centre Association (TRCCA) was formally set up in March 2013, and became a Scottish Charity in 17th June 2015. There are currently eight Board members at the Association and they are from Kirkmuirhill or Blackwood.