The scattered crofting community of Rogart can be found a few miles inland of the east coast of Sutherland. Lying half way along Strath Fleet between Loch Fleet and Lairg the parish covers several square miles, running nothwards until it meets Strath Brora.

The parish has a population of just over 400. Some of these live and work the crofts (agricultural smallholdings) scattered throughout the area. The rest of the population lives in the village of Pittentrail in the south of the parish.

Rogart railway station was built in Pittentrail in 1868 and the village grew around it. The railway station is still open and is a request stop on the Far North line. Because it serves the wider community, the village has a pub, a local shop, petrol station and garage as well as the village hall, focus for many community activities.

Kilbraur Wind Energy pays around £140,000 per year to benefit the communities of Brora, Golspie and Rogart for the lifetime of the wind farm. The Kilbraur Community Benefit Fund has made a huge impact locally, particularly to young people who by the remote location of the communities, have previously missed out on opportunities available to their urban peers.