1st Falck Renewables Sustainable Communities Forum

The 1st Falck Renewables Sustainable Communities Forum took place in Inverness, on February 7, 2018. The event gathered representatives from Falck Renewables and from the UK local communities to share community engagement experiences in the renewables energy sector.

During the one-day event, participants had the chance to discuss about the importance of renewables to the economy and local development, as well as to exchange views about community benefit funded initiatives and the community co-ops schemes in the UK.

The Forum included some best practices showcase by community group members with real life examples of benefits delivered to local communities.

Community members learned about the importance of getting their message across and how it can help to get more people involved in the organization or access matched funding.

Local communities representatives expressed a general appreciation of Falck Renewables’ community engagement approach which they consider distinctively more performing than most of other peers.

The event has been a major opportunity for Falck Renewables to consolidate its partnership with the local communities in the UK.