Falck Renewables Sustainable Community Initiatives 2018

Falck Renewables has developed an additional programme of initiatives exclusively dedicated to the members of the Falck Renewables Sustainable Community.

The 2018 programme is made up of 4 main initiatives:

1. A Support Scheme for Sustainable Energy Studies 2018 aimed at supporting students’ costs to acquire professional skills in the renewable energy industry. The scheme is open to any young person (over 18) living within the areas where Falck Renewables operates who is enrolled on a suitable course. Designed to encourage young people into a career in renewable energy, it will provide financial support for individuals to allow them to take up a course and possibly gain a job in sustainable energy.

2. Supporting a Clean Energy Education Programme for primary school children & teachers run by the SCDI’s Young Engineers and Science Clubs initiative (YESC) and aimed at raising awareness and knowledge about renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy sustainability. A practical toolkit developed by Strathclyde University to teach science and technology with a focus on renewable energy will be made available to every primary school in the areas where Falck Renewables operates.

3. A Sustainable Energy Project Competition among local communities and co-ops with a focus on sustainable energy (renewables, energy efficiency, energy conservation, clean energy awareness).

4. Best Community Project Award: a prize for the best project implemented amongst the Falck Renewables communities, undertaken within the last five years. Communities/co-ops/bencoms should submit an entry with accompanying photographs or film.

For more information, visit our page Initiatives 2018 or send an email to erin.hunter@falckgroup.eu and sustainability@falckgroup.eu