Falck Renewables Sustainable Community Awards Dinner 2018

A great event in Stirling, on November 20, once more gathering delegates from the communities living around our Scottish wind farms to celebrate the “Falck Renewables Sustainable Community Awards Dinner 2018”.

Among a group of very meaningful submissions, Glengarry Community Woodlands received the Best Sustainable Energy Project Proposal award, with a prize of £5K to set up a Wood Fuel Social Enterprise, a venture which brings a local resource back into use, creates employment and helps manage local forests, thereby benefitting the whole community.  The award was collected on behalf of Glengarry Community Woodlands by the Glengarry Trust (Millennium area) who encouraged the Glengarry Community Woodlands to apply for the award for their project and supported their application.

Within the Best Sustainable Energy Project Proposal award, we decided to give a ”Special Prize” to a project submitted by Fort Augustus and Glenmoriston Community Company in partnership with Cuill Chuimein Academy and Primary School, with a contribute of £1,500, to provide LED lightbulbs to the local community in order to increase awareness of energy conservation.

As for the Best Community Project Competition, where communities themselves voted for the most relevant initiative already implemented, Dunvegan Community Trust (Ben Aketil area) received the 1st prize thanks to the Scottish Ambulance Community Response Vehicle Project, an initiative implemented to provide fast medical care to a remote rural community located in the Isle of Skye.

Second prize went to Fort Augustus and Glenmoriston Community Company with the Cuill Chuimein Medical Centre for a demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to a devastating event that befell their community. Third prize went to Blackwood and Kirkmuirhill for the Healthier and Happier School Run that puts the health and safety of youngsters in their community right at the heart of their decision making.

We also delivered to Ryan Bell, living nearby our Auchrobert wind farm, a grant to support his commuting costs to Fife College, where he is studying to become wind energy technician.

And we heard Fraser Grieve, Regional Director for the Highlands and Islands of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, describing the program for primary school renewable energy education organized together with Falck Renewables, that will take off Q1 next year.

In the end it was a very pleasant night, an additional opportunity of interaction with the communities and among communities. For us always enlightening and enriching.