Partnering with local communities and sharing our knowledge are among the pillars of Falck Renewables Sustainability Charter, a commitment we are willing to export from the UK to the other countries where we operate. Under such a spirit, we recently held some meetings in Norway.

On November 14, in Svelgen, the closer town to the Hennøy wind farm we are building, we had a chance to explain to landowners and local community what are the features of our sustainable cooperation model and what opportunities this bring to the territory, in terms of employment, supply chain, and benefit funds. Local paper Fjordense Tidende reported the meeting highlighting the company’s effort to establish a worthwhile cooperation based on an in-depth knowledge of the society, also referring to the funds that Falck Renewables makes available to the local communities.

Following the intent to raise awareness about what the company is doing in Norway, Falck Renewables’ Scott Glibert (Engineering and Construction) and Alessandro Costa (Sustainability) also held a presentation at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (WNUAS) in Førde. The meeting was organized by prof. Eli Nummedal and was a great chance to discuss with students about their expectations from the wind energy sector, as well as the best way to strengthen the cooperation between us and the Bergen-headquartered academy already started one year ago.

Download the Fjordense Tidende article (in Norwegian)