Carron Valley Community Woodland Project

21.5 hectares (51 acres) of woodland at the entrance to the Carron Valley Forest has been transferred from Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) to the Valley Renewables Group as the local Development Trust

The plan is to open up the mature woodland and historical features with new walks, improved riverside access and open glades. Windblown timber and over mature conifers will be progressively felled and logged for community wood fuel. Replacement planting will be with native broadleaves.

The woodland also provides a development site at the entrance to the Carron Valley Forest, which will provide a location for a future community base and drop-in cafe. This will provide a focus for community events and activities, together with cafe facilities for local residents and the large number of visitors who regularly use the area for mountain biking, cycling, fishing and walking. Income received from Earlsburn and Kingsburn windfarms was used to part fund this initiative.

Download the Carron Valley Community Woodland Supplement for a complete overview of the project