Ice fishing at Brattmyrliden, Sweden

On a Sunday in March Falck Renewables together with Yttre Lemesjö Fishing Conservation Agency (FVO) held a day of ice fishing at the lake Långtjärn, located on the site where the Brattmyrliden wind farm is currently being built.

Weather conditions were very good – mostly sunny with some light snowfall and just a northwesterly breeze on ground – as twenty eager participants from Falck Renewables, Nordex, Empower and Windhoist gathered in the morning at the nearby meeting spot.

Snow mobiles carried the group from the meeting spot to the frozen lake where fishing holes and chairs were already prepared. Each participant was assigned a jig twig (pimpelspö) and bait. While the fishing activities commenced the FvO served grilled sandwiches and beverages.

Many in the group had never tried ice fishing before and everyone was enjoying the experience even though the fish initially did not seem eager to join the activity. After a while however, Erkki Jussi from Empower had strike and caught a beautiful arctic char that weighed in at about 1 kg. The arctic char (röding) has a distinctive red colour and is closely related to salmon and lake trout. No other freshwater fish can thrive as far north on the globe as the arctic char and it is planted at a couple of the lakes at Brattmyrliden by the FVO.

At twelve o clock everyone gathered in the nearby lodge to warm up, have some soup and a typical Swedish cream bun (semla) with coffee for dessert. After the break the fishing continued for a while with cheerful ice anglers hoping for a nibble. A couple of more chars where caught before packing up for the day. Meanwhile some of the participants opted to go on a snow mobile for a supervised spin.

Falck Renewables would like to thank Yttre Lemesjö FVO and the locals of Byviken for arranging this much appreciated day of outdoor leisure activities at Brattmyrliden. All of the group had a wonderful time and are hoping to get to attend more events like this one in the future.