Fintry Development Trust sharing best practices on community integration at Wind Europe Conference in Bilbao

Gordon Cowtan, Director of the Fintry Development Trust, took part in the panel “Efficient permitting: a key to unlock market potential”, in the framework of Wind Europe Conference on April 2, in Bilbao.

The session brought together permitting authorities, project developers and communities to discuss the state-of-the-art of permitting in several countries.

This was an important occasion for the Fintry Development Trust to present its experience of “On-shore Windfarm Shared Ownership and Permitting” and the first example of “shared ownership” renewable project developed in the United Kingdom.

Since 2007, the Trust receives revenues from the electricity generated by a single turbine added to the Falck Renewables’ Earlsburn wind farm located in the area of the village of Fintry, in Stirlingshire, Scotland.

The Trust focuses on reducing energy use and carbon emissions and has contributed over the years to the implementation of several initiatives related to energy efficiency and sustainable energy consumption (household insulation, micro-renewable installations, smart energy, biomass district heating schemes and shared ground-source heat pumps).

According to the Fintry Development Trust, “shared ownership” has a direct benefit for the community and engages community with major infrastructure and landscape changes. Ideally, renewable projects should be done with local community rather than to local community.

For Falck Renewables – that also took part in the panel – the modern approach developed in Fintry, also known as “Separate ownership scheme”, is a way of sharing the financial value generated by clean energy production with locals. This model is tried and tested and has been in force for more than ten years.

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