Creating 18.2ha of new native woodland around Auchrobert wind farm

At Auchrobert, as part of the wind farm Habitat Management Plan, there was an ambitious vision to increase local ecological value and biodiversity.

We have conceived a solution to expand natural habitats by returning 18.2ha of farmland to its original native woodland habitat, along the banks of two local watercourses.

In accordance with the Local Biodiversity Action Plan, a variety of species of local provenances have been selected to create a diverse woodland scheme: these include trees and shrubs of different sizes, a proportion of which flower, bear fruit and nuts, also providing cover for game birds, wildlife habitats and nesting sites for a variety of species.
Some of the planted tree species are downy birch, common alder, grey willow, goat willow, sessile oak, rowan, hazel, hawthorn and dog rose.

To achieve a more natural appearance trees have been planted in an irregular pattern, the variable spacing allows for open space for natural regeneration to supplement the planted trees. Protective deer fencing encloses the area, to preserve the saplings and the growth of the new woodland habitat.

It is a great satisfaction to have contributed to the increase of Auchrobert’s natural features and to the enhancement of ecological services around our wind farm.