Report 2018 – Sustainability at the Core

Sustainability at the core – Our Shared Value report tells our stakeholders our vision on sustainability and how it affects both our business models and the values that drive our actions. In this document, we describe how we produce and sell clean energy, how we provide innovative services, our relationships with the local communities, environmental protection, people’s growth and governance.

But above all, we talk about ethics, what we are and where we want to go. We want to be leader in the energy transition and to promote the sustainable development of the areas in which we operate, leveraging our assets and the services that we provide and acting on our values. This perspective allows us to align our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in terms of global development, human well-being and environmental protection.

The report is organised according to four “capitals” the Group transforms through its activities:

  • ECONOMIC CAPITAL meaning the generation and redistribution of value over the time
  • SOCIAL AND RELATIONAL CAPITAL linked to reputation, history and credibility that allow us to be welcomed in the places where we operate
  • NATURAL CAPITAL referable to the ecological footprint of our presence, both locally and globally
  • HUMAN CAPITAL meaning the people who work with us, with their values, experience and skills

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The methodological reference for its editing is the Consolidated set of GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016 (GRI standards), applied with an adherence level “GRI Referenced”.

For further information about the process and reporting mode, please refer to Methodological Note on page 51 of the document or contact the Communication & Sustainability Team at: