Join the MOOC “Sustainable business in the renewable energy sector”

People all around the world are becoming more aware of the dramatic consequences of climate change and how renewable energy can tackle these problems by setting to zero GHG emissions.

We strongly believe that clean energy has even a greater potential, in social terms.

A renewable business can enable the spread of the use of clean energy while, at the same time, enable the sustainable development of the territories where the plants are located.

This concept is for us the core definition of a sustainable business in the renewable energy sector which preserves the environment and generates shared value to the benefit of local communities.

How? Enrol now in the Massive Open Online Course “Sustainable Business in the Renewable Energy Sector” developed by Politecnico di Milano and Polimi Open Knowledge in collaboration with Falck Renewables and discover more about our community engagement approach which is presented as a case study.

Join the MOOC “Sustainable business in the renewable energy sector”