Carrecastro wind farm to support the enhancement of the cultural heritage of Tordesillas

Last year, along with the construction works of our new wind farm of Carrecastro, near Tordesillas (Spain), we supported an archaeological campaign to a prehistoric settlement of Cogotas civilization, whose existence dates back between the end of the Bronze Age and the early Iron Age (2,000 – 1,000 BC).

The excavations, that have been carried out through temporary employment of a group of 20 local people, allowed to learn more about social and economic aspects of the Cogotas culture.

In January 2020 we then joined 2 cultural initiatives (the “Archeology Week” and the “Intelligent Heritage”, both organized by the Tordesillas Ayuntamiento / City Council) for the dissemination of the archaeological findings, attended by numerous local schools.

The archaeological research and subsequent dissemination will contribute to enhancing knowledge for the benefit of the local community and, possibly, local tourism.

Once again, our commitment to create shared value with the local communities around our energy plants starts from the very beginning of our activities.

For general reference, Carrecastro wind farm is composed by 4 turbines for a total installed generation capacity of 10 MW. The plant will produce about 34 GWh of green energy per year, that corresponds to the power needs of roughly 10,000 families.

Civil works carried out for its construction relied of local companies and employed about 15 local workers.