Falck Renewables Sustainable Communities & COVID19

News has been coming in about various initiatives our community trusts are involved in to help support the fight against COVID 19 and the impact of the lockdown.

East Riding Council who administer the funds from our Spaldington Wind Farm in East Yorkshire have set up a community response hub with VCS partner Smile Foundation to help vulnerable members of the community.

The Valley Renewables Group (VRG) at our Earlsburn Wind Farm near Stirling have set up a sub-group to co-ordinate any necessary support for residents in the community who may need temporary or more long-term support during the pandemic. This includes services like shopping or possible temporary financial help.

Recently VRG funded stakes and protective tubes to help residents plant free trees from the “I Dig Trees” scheme. Some of the 150 trees and equipment were distributed before the current lockdown but group chair Margaret Porter has had to house around 100 trees until restrictions are lifted – just as well she has a large garden!

In Sutherland the Kilbraur Wind Farm Community Benefit Trust are in the process of diverting funding to Voluntary Groups Sutherland to offer support to anyone in the local community who needs it. One of the trust’s most recent funding awards was to Golspie High School Parent Council for free access to online maths tuition for the High School’s 237 pupils. The scheme was originally designed to ensure pupils in a more rural setting had access to the same kind of out of school tuition available in urban areas but it will prove invaluable under the current circumstances.

The Glengarry Trust and Fort Augustus and Glenmoriston Community Company at our Millennium Wind Farm have also risen to the current challenges and are offering financial support to families with children and vulnerable people who may be struggling.

As ever, the hard work, compassion and ingenuity of everyone involved in our community benefit trusts is both humbling and inspiring, particularly at a time when it would be easy to be overwhelmed with anxiety and indecision.

If there is anything Falck Renewables can do to help please get in touch with Erin Hunter on 07841 423007 or erin.hunter@falckgroup.eu.