Covid-19 emergency: how we support our local communities in the UK

Our spirits have been lifted by news from all our communities of the initiatives they’re involved in to help lessen the impact of the virus outbreak.

Valley Renewables Group in the Carron Valley beside our Earlsburn and Kingsburn wind farms now have a support scheme up and running which offers local families with children and any other residents in need of support a grant of £100.

This is similar to the scheme spearheaded by the Glengarry Trust and Fort Augustus and Glenmoriston Community Company at Millennium Wind Farm which was featured in the local paper

Dunvegan Trust also featured in their local paper with an article outlining the support fund they have set up with Dunvegan Community Council and the Citizens Advice Bureau. They’ve also made a very welcome donation to Skye and Lochalsh Food Bank which is currently experiencing especially high demand for its services

In Aberdeenshire, Westhills and District Community Council who administer the funding from our Boyndie Wind Farm, have supported several local community organisations to help alleviate their loss of earnings during the lockdown. The Boyndie Visitor Centre, Whitehills Public Hall and St Brandon Centre have all received a donation.

In South Lanarkshire funding from Nutberry Wind Farm has gone to the South Lanarkshire Renewable Energy Fund which is supporting families, charities and businesses across the county. Funding from West Browncastle Wind Farm has been donated to Strathaven and Glassford Community Council which has set up a fund covering Strathaven and its surrounding villagesStrathaven and Glassford Community Council are managing local community support fund and coordinating local voluntary groups. So far they have made donations to a local food bank which uses food from local producers and a local café which is supplying meals to people in need. They are also supplying locally made PPE to anyone in the area who needs it.

The Cefn Croes Wind Farm Community Benefit Fund in North Wales has also set up a local hardship fund. They have donated laptops to local primary schoolchildren who needed them to access online classes and are now investigating extending the laptop scheme to older pupils at senior school.