Our financial cooperative scheme acknowledged by the WEF as international best practice

The World Economic Forum has selected our financial cooperative scheme (a.k.a BenCom) as a major disruptive innovation in the energy sector from the past decade.

The report “Global Innovations from the Energy Sector 2010-2020” showcases global energy innovations which are judged to be novel, beneficial to society and contributing to accelerating the global energy transition.

Since 2005, in the United Kingdom, we favoured the creation of 7 financial cooperatives called BenComs with more than 3,600 total investor members from which, to date, it has raised more than € 12 million. The interest paid to financial cooperatives in the United Kingdom in 2019 was worth € 1.1 million.

We’re proud that our long-lasting commitment towards the territories where we operate has been acknowledged as best practice to refer to: a great acknowledgement for our sustainable, inclusive power.

This great recognition was achieved also thanks to the many local communities that have joined our initiatives over the years and thanks to the collaboration of Energy4All.

We share this success with you!