Falck Renewables approach to community engagement in the UK is now ready to expand. In the last days, Falck Renewables signed a partnership with community ownership experts Eergy4All LTD to investigate opportunities for communities to benefit from offshore wind.

Thanks to the longstanding relationship with Energy4All, Falck Renewables was able to set up different co-operatives at its Scottish onshore wind farms, enabling thousands of people to buy a stake in their local wind farm. However, as the managing director of Falck Renewables Wind Ltd Richard Dibley highlighted, “Our ethos has always been to share the value generated from our onshore wind farms as widely as we can with local communities. For us it really makes sense to extend that approach to offshore wind and our MOU with Energy4All is the first step in understanding how involving local communities in owning offshore developments might work.”

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In the picture: Hornsea One – Offshore Windfarm (Courtesy of Ørsted)