Call for projects 2022 – Helping to reduce fuel poverty

Over the past few months it has become clear that this winter is going to be tough for many people struggling to pay for the soaring cost of energy bills.  The increase in the energy price cap, the international geo-political situation and the rise in inflation and cost of living all mean that fuel poverty is a very real issue affecting people all over the country. National Energy Action predicts that even with the energy price cap freeze announced by the government recently, 6.7 million UK households could be in fuel poverty, unable to afford to heat their homes to the temperature needed to keep warm and healthy.  An increase of 2.2 million from last year.

At Falck Renewables we feel strongly that as part of the energy ecosystem we have a role to play in helping to tackle the global energy crisis. We have set up a Fuel Poverty Fighting Fund to help in the areas around our UK wind farms. However, to make sure it delivers support where most required we need you to get involved.

Do you or a group in your community have an idea for an initiative that could help households in your local area better manage their fuel bills? Tell us about it for the chance to receive up to £10,000 to help make it a reality.

We’re looking for innovative projects that can really help make a difference, targeting those who need it most and supporting as many people as possible. The winning ideas will be straightforward to put into practice and will be up and running this winter.

Our fund can’t provide direct financial support to households but perhaps you have a great idea for a project which builds on support already available in your area, promoting existing organisations or setting up your own local advice service for tailored support.

You may have plans for initiatives to provide warm community spaces, crisis and fuel vouchers, hot meals or means of cooking that use less electricity. Projects which focus on small but effective energy efficiency measures such as curtains, carpets, radiator panels and draughtproofing could also make a real difference this winter. Tell us more in the application form Call for projects 2022 – Helping to reduce fuel poverty HERE and send it to us with any supporting information by Friday 18 November.

You can also download the application form HERE and send it to once you have filled with all the relevant information.

The successful winners will be announced on Friday 25 November.  

How to apply

1. Each community benefit fund or cooperative can enter up to two different projects using the form below. The projects can be run by other organisations in your area, please feel free to share the details with anyone you think might be interested.

2. Successful projects should be:

  • located within the geographical area covered by the wind farm community benefit fund
  • up and running in December 2022 for up to 12 months, with Winter 2022/23 as a minimum
  • supported by the local community
  • able to reach as many individuals or households in need as possible, support for businesses is out with the scope of this initiative
  • be able to be evaluated to demonstrate they have achieved their objectives

3. Up to 80% of the total cost of successful projects (i.e. up to £10,000) will be covered by Falck Renewables. Please outline in your application how you intend to obtain match funding for at least 20% of the total cost of the project.

If you need any more information on how to enter your project, please contact
Tell us more in the application form Call for projects 2022 – Helping to reduce fuel poverty HERE and send it to us with any supporting information by Friday 18 November.

Please note that the successful applicants will be asked to provide information on a regular basis that will allow us to demonstrate the importance of extra support for the local communities:

  • An overview of the services provided and the types of individual/households supported
  • Estimated number of people that have been supported by the Fund on a quarterly basis
  • Case studies showing how this has helped real people in your community