Student visit at Alà dei Sardi, Italy – Sharing knowledge with young generations

At Falck Renewables, we love sharing knowledge, insights and facilitating experiences to engage with the renewable energy topic. A group of international students recently visited our wind farm of Alà dei Sardi in Sardinia, Italy to delve into the world of renewables by seeing it firsthand.

What did they have to say about their visit to Alà dei Sardi?

“The trip to the wind farm was amazing! In particular I liked a lot the view from the interior of the wind turbine, the landscape on the plateau and the explanation provided by the guide of the wind farm.”

“Very nice trip, I learned so much about wind farms, things I never thought about and understanding how wind farms work.”

“It was a fantastic experience that broadened my knowledge of wind turbines and how they work, and it was also rich in reflections on the production and consumption of electricity in Sardinia.”